Today is Bandcamp Friday. Here’s 12 Projects From Past Guests That You Can Support.

November 6, 2020

If you don’t know, Bandcamp Friday is when Bandcamp, the artist driven music streaming and sales platform, waives all of their revenue fees to support the artists that comprise their community. When you buy today, you ensure that all of the money you spend on their album or single goes directly to the artist you intend to support. In celebration of that fact, Death Before Desk Job has put together a comprehensive list of Bandcamp pages from past podcast guests, so that you can go support their projects.

John Carbone (as heard on Episode 1)

John serves as vocalist for Moon Tooth, the high-energy rock band from Long Island, NY. Their latest release Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections is a “departure” from what most fans know. That intimate sound, however, is something that John is no stranger to; his project Son Coal has been quietly sitting on Bandcamp for quite some time. Check out both below.

Moon Tooth on Bandcamp
Son Coal on Bandcamp

Onodera (as heard on Episode 2)

Ono is constantly deliver primo content, whether he’s drawing or producing and performing. In fact, in between his appearance on Death Before Desk Job and today, he’s managed to put out another album titled “romance novel,” which you can grab on his Bandcamp now.

Onodera on Bandcamp

Derek Smith (Not, as heard on Episode 3)

If you’re a listener of the show, you’re more familiar with the work of Derek than you may initally realize; his music serves as the soundtrack to the podcast! It’s just one example of his versatility in musical linguistics. IF you take the time to explore Derek’s catalogs, you’ll continue to be impressed.

Not on Bandcamp
Rice Cultivation Society on Bandcamp

Card Reader (as heard on Episode 6)

Tom Petito came on the show on the tail of releasing the band’s new single “True Enemy.” Since then, two other singles have dropped: “Sore Eyes” and “Mental Scars” (feat. Ryan Beebe). All of their singles are available on Bandcamp now!

Card Reader on Bandcamp

Sean Ageman (as heard on Episode 7)

Washed Up Media’s Sean Ageman is a busy man. In addition to all of the photo and video work he does, he covers the rhythm section as the drummer in three different projects. You can choose your favorite flavor (in no particular order) below!

sarGasm on Bandcamp
Intona on Bandcamp
Give Up The Goods on Bandcamp

James Kwapisz (as heard on Episode 9)

As discussed on James’ episode, there’s been an evolution to the Grampfather sound over time. You can explore that sound across the four albums that are available on Bandcamp!

Grampfather on Bandcamp

Michael McManus (as heard on Episode 11)

Michael has a very rich history of musical endeavors, which frankly, would take an archeological expedition to uncover. So we’re going to highlight the projects that were discussed in his episode: Gamblers, the indie rock project whose album “Small World” is out now, and “Waiting For Carmine,” which was released under his pseudonym Don Miguel back in 2015.

Gamblers on Bandcamp
Don Miguel on Bandcamp

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