I’ll just say it:
Making this podcast is a lot of work.

But I’m not complaining. There’s a lot of time that goes into making each episode of this show, but it’s truly a labor of love. I pay for this with money I make freelancing and the time I can manage to carve out. I try my best to balance it all, but it is hard. Your support makes the balancing act that much easier, and allows me to spend more time being a better podcaster and creative ally.

Ultimately, you are what keeps this show going. Your support is paramount. And there’s a lot of ways you can do that:

1. Like and subscribe.

This is a huge one, and it’s just a click. The subscriber numbers actually do a lot for the reach of the show. It affects how far the show goes, and my goal is to impact as many creatives as I can. Whatever platforms you listen on.

2. Spread it around.

Nothing beats a recommendation. The more people that know about the show, the better. My next guest could be someone who’s never heard of it before, and maybe their insight can resonate with the listeners. That’s how these things work. It’s not magic, it’s community. Pass it on.

3. Grab some merch.

Obvious, I know… but really, it’s twofold: Your purchase literally helps finance the show, but long-term, that shirt you bought? It might spark a conversation with someone, and maybe they’ll be intrigued enough to listen in. That’s the hope.

I’m always trying to come up with new stuff to add, so check in once in a while. And hey, if you’re interested in making something for the show, we’ll sell it here and work out a split. Because that helps us both! Reach out if that sounds good to you.

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4. Shop with affiliates.

So, what’s an affiliate? Well, short answer, I am. If you don’t know what this means, here’s the most honest explanation I can provide you: I’ve compiled a list of products and services that I personally use or have used in some capacity. These particular services offer me, the “affiliate,” a financial incentive or perks (membership, discounts, etc.) to promote their thing.

I have no interest in being a huckster and selling you something that I wouldn’t personally use. I’m here to help you wade through the muck and tell you what’s worked for me. Brass tacks: you can look through these products and if it’s something that can serve you, signing up through here helps the show (and me).

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5. Support the show on Patreon.

You probably know all about Patreon by now. It’s a subscription-based platform for creators. You can become a patron and in return, you’ll receive perks like access to AMAs, merch bundles, things like that. Death Before Desk Job can be found on their platform, and you can choose to become a backer. Take a look over there and see what the perks are.

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6. Donate.

Okay, I feel super weird about this option. I’d rather you get something for your money. But hey, if you’re an absolute sweetheart and you feel like just being able to listen is reward enough, I’m not going to stop you from donating to the show. Just so you’re aware, if you go this route, I will gush about and all over you. (That didn’t sound gross in my head, but when I wrote it out… yikes. No going back.)

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7. Tell me what you think.

Your feedback and ideas may be what makes this show even better. If there’s something you want to hear, or learn, or say, don’t hold back. Your feedback is a means of support. It lets me know you’re listening.

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