I’ve spent a lot of time in my career subjecting myself to the old “trial and error” thing when it’s come to different tools. I decided to provide you with links to different things that have made my work (and life) a little easier.

Full Disclosure: Some of these link are affiliate links, meaning I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. I’ll never provide you a link to something I wouldn’t personally use, and it helps finance the show. I’m also happy to try and answer any questions you have about these tools.


Grab fractional shares of stocks like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon! It’s a great way to start investing in stocks if you want the autonomy of choosing your own and not relying on brokerages to choose your ETFs for you (though you can choose to purchase stock in ETFs!) Sign up and get one free stock!

Proof it’s legit: I’ve personally been investing with Public for over a year after a recommendation from The Freelancers Union (so it’s double legit!)

[thst_button url=”http://share.public.com/paulmotisi” style=”blue” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_self”]Invest with Public[/thst_button]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Proof it’s legit: I literally record my podcast and create all marketing materials for the show with Adobe Creative Cloud. Enough said!

[thst_button url=”https://clk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=264355&a=3057887&g=22793594″ style=”blue” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_self”]Expand Your Toolkit with Adobe Creative Cloud[/thst_button]


I’ve been making merch for a long time. It used to be that when you wanted some t-shirts made, you’d have to lay out a ton of money to order your goods, and you’d have to store all these shirts somewhere. Then, you’d sit on them for a long time, until eventually realizing that the product wasn’t going to move as quickly as you thought. That was then, Now there’s Printful.

Sync Printful up with your preferred e-commerce platform (Shopify, Big Cartel, WooCommerce, etc.) and just sit back. When a customer places an order on your shop, Printful will intercept the order, print it on demand, and ship it, all on your behalf! You only pay when an order gets placed (read: no upfront cost!) With merch options ranging from shirts to throw pillow to cell phone cases and beyond, this option is ideal for someone that likes the concept of something like Society6 or Redbubble, but wants to improve the margins, or would rather have the project exist on its own site. It’s also great if you have an idea for a clothing line but want to test the waters.

Proof it’s legit: Most items on the DBDJ store are printed and shipped by Printful.

[thst_button url=”https://www.printful.com/start-your-online-store-without-inventory/a/153110:5ec976a1253ce694a114dc6b620db594″ style=”blue” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_self”] Kickstart your Brand with Printful[/thst_button]


If you’re new to investing and don’t know where to start, or if you’re just looking to take some of the heavy lifting out of saving, I recommend Acorns. You can round up your spare change based on your debit card transactions and roll them directly into a managed stock portfolio. You can also set up automatic deposits on your preferred schedule.

Everything you need is only $3/month. Plus, you’ll get $5 with your new account!

Proof it’s legit: Back when I quit smoking, I set up a $10 a day withdrawl to take away the money I’d otherwise spend on cigarettes. It helped me to realize just how much I was wasting in no time at all. I even made a little bit of interest on what was accruing!

[thst_button url=”https://www.acorns.com/invite/K4TS5M” style=”blue” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_self”] Try Acorns Here[/thst_button]