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Show Notes

In the intro, I spoke about finding a surprising bit on inspiration in a Taylor Swift video. You can find that video right here. Frankly, I had all but forgotten that Taylor was a writer and a player, since the only time I ever see her, she’s dancing around, no instrument in hand. How very wrong I was. In that video, Taylor refers to a TED Talk with author Elizabeth Gilbert, titled “Your Elusive Creative Genius,” which you can find here. This is highly recommended viewing. Also, I brought up an old interview with Josh Homme for Queens of the Stone Age. I dug up that interview, which can be found on JamBase here.

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Show Notes:

Derek brings up Gary O’Keefe duting the interview. Gary is a producer and musician that performs with Derek in the band Yankee Longstraw (

The article that Derek refers to is actually an Instagram post from Brad Troemel. Definitely slide through the whole carousel for that.

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Relevant Links

Here’s the link to the Freelancer’s Union study mentioned in the intro.

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