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Show Notes

The first pieces that Paul saw from Mark were the three posters for Primus’ 3-night run at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas:
His latest (SOLD OUT!) prints can be seen here:

Mark makes mention of quite a few artists in this episode, all of whom deserve mention:

Tara McPherson:
Rick Griffin:
Daniel Davidson:
Barry McGee:

Mark speaks about the MacDowell Colony, which can be found here:

Mark speaks about a book called The Practice by Seth Godin, which you can get here:

…at which point, Paul asks if Seth wrote Real Artists Don’t Starve. He didn’t. It’s another worthwhile book written by Jeff Goins, and you can get that here:

Mark also recommends How To Be An Artist by Jerry Saltz, which you can get here:

Rapper and poet Bruce “AllOne” Pandolfo speaks to justifying his existence through creative exercise, embracing improv with Avalanche Canvas (and on a typewriter) and making puzzles for yourself. 

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You can watch the video for his latest single “Anodyne As Oblivion” here:

Buy Bruce’s collection of poetry This Is Criminal here:

…and the supplemental EP Dusty Dossiers here:

You can also get Haclyon Wonders, the latest release from his project Almost Elijah, here:

Illustrator Sam Neukirch speaks about reconciling the imaginative with the observable, the Brony convention circuit, adapting to drawing with chronic tendonitis, and navigating a creative life as a neurodivergent person.

Check out Sam’s work at

You can also find her on:
Twitter (
Etsy (
Twitch (
Instagram (

Here’s the link to the book Draw Stronger, which Sam found immensely helpful in caring for herself:

Sam references the artists Loish ( and Guillaume Singelin (http:/

Here’s the first piece of Sam’s that I’d seen: The cover of Nice Garage: Year One.

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Paul just needed to vent this week, but he tried to tie it into the show’s themes by encouraging you to research President-Elect Biden’s policies, how they affect you as a creative, and how you can channel your creativity to impact change in politics.

Musician Michael McManus from the band Gamblers talks about the mechanics of music service agencies, practicing the art of the business, and choosing to not remain in the darkness.

Get the album “Small World” at

Follow Gamblers on Twitter and Instagram @gamblersbaby.

Check out the podcast “Movies By McManus” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Show Notes

Paul’s recommendation this week is for the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Michael wrote a post upon the release of the album that covers the entire history of the band leading up to the release of “Small World,” which gets talked about in some detail. Here’s that post:

Hear “Waiting For Carmine” here:

Visit the family-owned Peter McManus Café:

Illustrator Kerin Cunningham talks at great length about using Twitter to gain exposure, getting fed up with the state of art school (so much so she held a panel on it at Chicago’s C2E2), and how her love of My Chemical Romance pulled her back into fan art. This one is a doozy.

Kerin is currently fulfilling orders for her “Back From The Dead” (Enamel Pin + Merch Line) Kickstarter campaign, as well as working on her next line, “California 2020,” which is due out late November 2020. Stay on top of these releases and check out some sexy space girls at her website (, and following her Twitter ( and Instagram (

Show Notes

Paul’s suggested service this week is Printful. Learn more about getting started with dropshipping and product fulfillment here.

Kerin speaks about different artists in the episode, specifically James Jean, her friend and convention buddy Andrea Kendrick, and one of her influences, Tara McPherson.

Kerin’s brother Andrew (who helps her fulfill orders) plays in the band Ticker Tape.

A reference to Paul F. Tompkins’ album “Laboring Under Delusions” comes up, which is a great comedy album devoted to pursuing your craft.

Looking for something that was mentioned that’s not here? Let me know and I’ll see if I can get it.

James from Grampfather speaks about collaboration and getting things show-ready, commiting to a project, and using music medicinally.

Show Notes:

Listen to Grampfather at, and follow James on Instagram: @grampfatherrr.

You can read some of James’ essays, short stories, and poetry at

Listen to Sugarskull Piledriver’s album “The Guerilla Monsoon” (which both James and Paul play on) here:

Paul’s product recommendation this week is Acorns. Get started with investing today. Use this link to get $5 when you start investing:

Artist Sam Rivera speaks about tuning in and zoning out, marrying her love of teacher and art, and learning to not listen.

See Sam’s work on her website and her Instagram.

Show Notes:

We’re not going to share the pizza video as previously mentioned, because it’s perhaps not the best representation of Sam’s work. But she did recently complete a series of music videos for the band Doghouse Reilly. You can watch and listen to the full album here. Watch one of Sam’s personal favorites below:

Sam brought up the digital artist Robin Eisenberg, whose work can be seen here.

Card Reader’s latest single “True Enemy” is available starting May 12th, 2020, but you can also hear it today at the end of this show!

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